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Jonnathan Álvarez, is Analytical Chemist, with a degree in Chemical Analysis from University of Concepción (2014). PhD candidate in Science and Analytical Technology, Universidad de Concepción (2017).Instructor collaborator, for the Institute of Applied Economic Geology (GEA), Universidad de Concepción (2017).  His research fields are laser spectroscopy (LIBS), x-ray spectroscopy (XRF/XRD), data analysis, chemometrics and multivariate calibration methods. 

Jonnathan Álvarez is an Analytical Chemist, PhD (c) in the Analytical Science and Technology PhD program, University of Concepción (2017). His research field is applied spectroscopy, geochemistry, chemometrics and multivariate calibration. He has participated as a doctoral student in FONDEF projects "Development of a laser spectroscopy equipment applied to the determination of valuable elements in copper concentrates" and PIA-ANILLOS "Novel spectral sensing for copper smelters" as part of the formative process and development of his doctoral thesis project titled "Determination of Mainly Sulphide Species in Copper Concentrates, by Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy (LIBS).


Determination of copper-based mineral species by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy and chemometric methods

Jonnathan Alvarez, Marizu Velásquez, Ashwin Kumar Myakalwar, Claudio Sandoval, Rodrigo Fuentes, Rosario Del P. Castillo, Daniel G Sbarbaro-Hofer and Jorge Yañez
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (2019) 34(12), pp. 2459-2468


Automatic near-infrared hyperspectral image analysis of copper concentrates

Pablo A. Coelho, Claudio Sandoval, Jonnathan Alvarez, Ignacio Sanhueza, Cristofher Godoy, Sergio Torres, Carlos Toro, Daniel Sbarbaro

IFAC 52(14), 2019, 94-98

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